Get rid of overactive bladder syndrome

How to Get rid of Overactive Bladder Snydrome

An overactive bladder means that your bladder has issues storing urine.

It can lead to issues such as needing to go to the bathroom more than usual or being unable to hold back your urine until you reach a toilet.

Needing to urinate several times through the night can also be an indication of an overactive bladder.

These symptoms can make it difficult for you to carry out your daily life, especially when it comes to commutes, working away from home and also affecting the quality of your sleep.

Overactive bladder syndrome can be caused by many different things such as medical conditions or weak pelvic muscles.

It can often be difficult to determine the cause, but an overactive bladder is treatable.

overactive bladder

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the ways to get relief from an overactive bladder.

Managing your diet

There are certain dietary changes that can help to improve your overactive bladder.

For example, removing diuretics such as caffeine and alcohol can help your body produce less urine.

Removing acidic fruits and sweeteners has also shown some promise in helping you improve your overactive bladder.

Too little water can also lead to bladder issues, so make sure you drink plenty of plain water to ensure your urine isn’t concentrated and isn’t irritating your bladder.

Weight loss can help

Studies have suggested that losing weight could be a way to help relieve an overactive bladder.

Losing weight can help to alleviate pressure on the organs around your abdomen which can help to relieve the bladder.

Even losing a few pounds worth of weight can have a drastic effect on your overactive bladder.


Better bowel habits

Since the bowel and the bladder are linked, it’s important to ensure that both of these parts of your body are functioning correctly.

For instance, a full bowel can put pressure on the bladder which causes you to have an overactive bladder.

To balance your bowel, make sure you’re consuming a balanced amount of insoluble and soluble fibre.

In addition, take a look at your dietary habits to see where you can improve your nutritional intake to better balance your bowels.

Get rid of overactive bladder syndrome

Nerve stimulation

Your doctor may suggest a more invasive approach to your overactive bladder such as nerve stimulation.

This is a procedure that involves putting small electronic devices in the body under the skin which sends electrical impulses that help to support your bladder.

This helps you control your overactive bladder but there is no guarantee that it will remove all of the symptoms.

Natural Supplements

herbal tea

There are certain herbal remedies that have been shown to have some promising effects for people with an overactive bladder.

Studies from Japan have shown that a herbal remedy known as “gosha-jinki-gan” can reduce urgency and leakage, thus helping with an overactive bladder.

There are also other herbs that can help, such as capsaicin, corn silk and Ganoderma lucidum.

Before using any herbal remedies, it’s important to consult your doctor so that you do not aggravate the symptoms.

Now, all of the above are well and good but if you want to get rid of overactive bladder syndrome, then time is off the essence. 

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