How to Manifest Money – The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law that is simple.

The concept of like attracting like is present everywhere in the Universe, from science to your own personal relationships.

The Law of Attraction is just that. What you give is what you get, whether you are consciously realizing that or not.

When you put out energy and belief that something will come to you, the Universe is far more likely to work in your favor. Even little things, like subconscious associations or fleeting thoughts, add to the whole that is your energy.

Attitudes, beliefs, emotion, conscious thoughts, and unconscious thoughts build up to what makes manifestation of what you want possible. Manifestation will always occur, even if you are thinking negatively.

Negative energy results in negative manifestation from the Universe.

An Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Some think of the Law of Attraction as a very spiritual and other-worldly thing, that the Universe is an entity that works for or against you.

Your thoughts and actions are your offer, and the Universe does with them what it feels appropriate.

For others, the Law of Attraction is a more broad term that covers simple psychological concepts.

If you put devotion and belief into a positive reality, you are more likely to work towards that and align yourself properly even if you do not realize.

The Law of Attraction & Money

One of the most common reasons people look into and practice manifestation is money.

Whilst money may not buy happiness, it can provide the tools to create happiness. Health, shelter, food- it all depends on money for a majority of people in society.

If you run short even a few dollars, it can mean losing your home or going without food.

Some are lucky enough to have abundance whilst others have just enough.

Anyone who believes in and respects the Law of Attraction can learn how to manifest money, whether it’s just for fun or for serious bills and necessities- the Universe just cares about how much you care.

How to Attract Money into Your Life

Money is a serious and heavy topic. It brings stress and negativity along with it.

Obviously, the thought of more money is a positive one. What you may not realize is how negative you think along the way.

More money is great, but you don’t have enough.

You want to be able to pay the bills, but you’re envious of those who don’t worry. Part of manifestation is removing those negative thoughts and only focusing on the positives.

You want more money to be comfortable or afford something, simple as that.

Manifestation is your journey alone and you should never compare yourself against others. Even if you need money for something very serious, it is important to keep a more playful and casual outlook on it.

If manifestation happens, great. If it doesn’t, you are no worse off. Think about this journey like playing the lotto- you can still dream even if you don’t win, and that’s how positive energy is built.

Be excited for what may happen, but don’t look forward with angst about getting rid of the bad. It is good to have money, but don’t see it as being better off than you are now. Think of it as being a better you.

Don’t Get Greedy

Money is always there, whether it is in your pockets or not. Plain sight, hidden, or seemingly impossible to grasp, money exists whether you have it or not.

The money you may come into is already out there waiting for you to bring yourself closer. Whether this is physical cash or opportunities to generate income, it exists.

Manifestation involves opening your eyes and realizing what is already there, not just expecting more to come. If you overlook or disregard existing opportunity, why should the Universe work to bring you more?

If you are given the chance to make only a few dollars, even if you need thousands, do not turn it down. Serious dedication and appreciation make manifestation work.

Do not get greedy. You may have not seen or appreciated opportunities before, but you can change that.

That alternative reality has always existed, but you were not tuned into seeing it. Your energy was wrong or you were not listening to your senses.

There are countless reasons why you didn’t achieve it before, and now it is important to realize that and accept everything that comes with open arms and an open mind.

Are you Aware of the right stuff?

Being aware of something generally means you notice more of it.

Noticing more gives you chances to grab it. Try keeping a specific model or color of car in your mind during your commute. Maybe a blue minivan.

Keep it an active thought. You will begin to notice what seems to be dozens of blue minivans you have never noticed before.

Are there actually more than there were yesterday when you weren’t thinking about them? Most likely not, but now you can truly see them. You are aware. Money works the same way as seeing these blue minivans.

At first, you may notice more blue cars, or more minivans of different colors. Each time you consciously acknowledge these, you filter out what is not quite right and begin to narrow down what you see.

You will stop seeing just minivans or just blue cars, and you will see only what you are looking for.

When you become aware of money, you will see things that are not quite what you need. Maybe they are scams, false promises, or things that have too much risk to be rewarding.

Work to seek out what you need and soon you will see past what will only block your way forward. Remember that money is not just found in your wallet, your bank account, or job listing websites.

Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting abundance requires you to think outside the box of where you will see opportunity. Those blue minivans may only be found on the road or in parking lots, but money can be found everywhere.

Manifestation requires immense desire, but it also requires detachment.

This may seem confusing or even paradoxical, but it makes sense. You must really want and believe in the reality you are trying to create.

You must also trust the Universe and the idea that things will happen when they are supposed to.

Having strong desire is necessary, but you must not desire a specific time or occurrence. Desire money, but not that money right before the end of the month.

Lust for full pockets, but not next week. Work for that higher paying job, but do not obsess if it does not open right away.

This attachment to when rather than what can introduce worry, anxiety, and all sorts of other negative energy. That is the opposite of what you want. Think back to the blue minivans.

You opened your mind and eyes to seeing what was already there, but were you stressed about seeing a certain number of blue minivans before you got to work? Probably not, and you must think about money in the same way.

If you become flustered, anxious, or otherwise negatively-affected by your desire, take a moment to envision yourself in that reality you are wishing for.

Bring that future to the present for a moment to appreciate. Let it go and work on rebuilding positive desire. Remember you can always visit the reality you want in your mind, so forget about rushing.


Strong desire is needed, but you should not let money have all the power.

Giving money all the power lessens your ability to be open and in control, which only works against manifestation.

It is impossible to believe that you can manifest money whilst also believing money has power over you. Money is not a source of power in itself and you must realize this.

If you are manifesting money because money will make you happy, you need to rethink this. Is the money making you happy, or are the experiences it can provide making you happy?

What you do with money is your power, and money alone is powerless. Money is paper or imaginary numbers in a bank account.

Only you can direct where it goes, and that makes you powerful. Giving money power also gives it the ability to refuse to show up in your life. Power can be both good and evil- you having the power is good.

Money having the power is very, very bad. If you truly want to manifest money, but you also believe that money is a source of power, you are admitting it has the power to ignore or even hurt you.

You have to know and truly believe that you have the power and only you can control what happens with money. Believe that it is truly powerless and it cannot refuse to show up. You are in control, and you are commanding it to work for you.

By believing money is powerful, manifestation becomes a fight to overpower money instead of bringing it into your life. This is a false reality you create that only hurts yourself and makes successful manifestation nearly impossible.

How can numbers or paper in your wallet be more powerful than a conscious and ambition human like yourself?

Money and Being Humble

It is also important to be realistic and humble about your power and your command over money. Having more money does not make you more powerful.

This would only mean you are not a wealthier person with the same negative mindset. You would again be admitting that the power is in the money and that you are attached and reliant on it.

More money would create more problems.

Be appreciative of attracting smaller amounts of money in natural and positive ways. Be excited over money, but do not obsess over what you could do with it that you cannot now.

This builds a wall between your reality and the one you are trying to create. If you find yourself obsessing over what you could do with money, instead think of that thing alone.

Think of manifesting that cruise or that new car, not the cash needed for it.

This keeps that connection of power from being tied to the money, and you will still see opportunity to achieve along the way.

If money is truly the way to getting somewhere you want to be, desire that destination instead.

Align With the Universe

The Universe will bring you the money if that is the path you really must take.

Once you notice the Universe bringing you what you have asked for, it is time to upgrade and ask for more. This does not mean dismissing what has already been given to you.

It means thanking the Universe and being appreciative and then striving to better your reality even more. Manifesting money should not start with anything more than pennies and dimes.

Open your mind and eyes to finding coins laying around just like those blue minivans on the road. Do not think of yourself as too good to stop to pick up a penny.

After all, one penny is the difference between a millionaire and someone with almost a million dollars. Move up in value slowly. This means asking for quarters and then dollar bills, tens and then hundreds.

Show Appreciation

Be appreciative of even the smallest amounts that you manifest, as each is a gift and a step further in your journey.

It is possible to go from pennies to thousands in under a year, and manifesting money can come quickly. Think of this like playing a game.

Always Be Grateful

The score is a way to keep track of progress, but you do not just play it to build your score. You play to experience challenges, rewards, and to explore the world around you.

Real life and money is exactly like that. Once you become good at those small amounts, ask for more.

Understand that things are not just handed to you and that it is only fair these larger amounts require more work. Believing and hoping for a better reality is part of manifestation, but so is putting in hard work.

This means taking extra hours at your job, doing menial tasks to make a couple bucks, and budgeting what you have. Appreciate every dollar and dime to your name.

Look after your Money

Take care of your money, and not just in how you spend it.

Do you crumple up dollar bills and throw them in your bag? Do you always tell cashiers to keep the change out of laziness, not actual goodwill?

The energy you give caring for your money lets the universe know you really desire more.

Would you only carefully fold up 100 dollar bills, or only let the cashier keep change of a small amount?

Don’t dismiss the little things. They are what make up the biggest things possible.

Remember that money does not just manifest as coins or other physical forms. It brings itself to you as business deals, inheritance, and inspiration.

If you find yourself not getting too many of these opportunities, believe they are there but that you are not seeing them. These opportunities that may bring you great wealth quickly are hidden in plain sight, just like those minivans.

Praise yourself for every little thing you notice- blue cars or coins alike. Then, command yourself to open your mind and eyes to more. You know you can see the little things, and you know you appreciate them, so you deserve to experience greater.

Although it is very important to be open and accepting of things as they come, sometimes you simply need more now rather than later.

There are ways to speed up manifestation of money, but it is not a substitute for real work. The Universe will help when it can, but ask for too much and it will lose interest.

Counting Money – Visualization

Counting the money you have is one way to help send out the energy needed to manifest money.

Collect every penny you have in physical form and count it all out.

Handle each coin and bill carefully, take attention to each physical detail, and take great care in how you lay it down. Then, try doing this with imaginary money. Imagine having the money you are trying to manifest. Take a long look at the physical cash you have laid out and close your eyes.

Visualize the piles and then count in your hands the money that has manifested. Add the bills to the piles, taking the same attention and care as you did with the real money.

Remember the sum you have added. Repeat the visualization exercise often throughout the day, and appreciate the sum you have built up as if it were real.

Another visualization exercise you can do is imagining yourself being surrounded by infinite money.

This is not an exercise in which you count or appreciate specific amounts. It is more about tuning into the experience of money as a whole.

Do not waste energy imaging values of specific bills or coins, just visualize piles upon piles around you. What color are they?

Where is the lighting in the room and how does it reflect off the coins? Try this one before bed and imagine the money building up in your bedroom.

Can Money Buy Love?

Money is necessary in experiencing the things that bring you happiness, but money alone cannot buy happiness.

Wanting money for fun things is just as valid as needing money to pay the bills or feed your family, and the Universe knows this. Shame or uncertainty can dissolve the desire and balance of power needed for money manifestation.

The Law of Attraction states that you get what you give, so you must give positivity in order to experience it. Pennies or thousands of dollars, money can be manifested as long as you follow the rules and truly believe in what you are doing.

If you think that manifestation does not work or that it is a waste of time, the Universe will not try to help you.

Negative things, like monetary loss, can be manifested this way as well.

Every thought, action, and briefest consideration you have all add into your output of energy and your perception of the world around you.

Jealousy, envy, and fear are what hurts those trying to manifest money, no matter how badly they need it.

Appreciate every single cent you have and every single cent that comes your way. Always ask for more, but always be thankful for what you have, and even for what you have been able to spend.

Gratitude, positive thinking, and a healthy sense of playfulness are what makes even a serious thing like money possible to manifest.

The Universe treats a millionaire asking for a new jet the same way as the poorest person asking for rent, as it depends on their will and drive.

Have power over money and understand that your power is in yourself, not in your wallet. What is powerful are the things you do and the experiences you create, not what you spent on doing so.

How to Manifest Money

Manifesting money may sound impossible or gimmicky, but it just isn’t.

Even the most skeptical person out there knows that putting yourself in the right mindset to succeed makes it more likely that you will. No matter your outlook or concept of manifestation, it is worth a shot to explore and experience what the Universe bring you.

You are a valuable, powerful, and respectable human being who is asking the Universe to bring them opportunity, not handouts.

Hard work and acceptance of each and every opportunity, no matter how hard, will bring greater wealth and comfort in your life.

If you are already going through the day to day experience of living, why not add in more desire and belief that you can succeed?

It cannot hurt as long as you stay positive and diligent.

The Universe brings you what you ask for, so you must be aware of what you are actually asking for. Ask for what you need and what you want, but be ready and willing to put in your fair share of the work.

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