10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

Have you ever truly thought about your brain and its amazing power?

Can you stop for a second and try to understand its astounding force and resourcefulness?

And beyond these questions, have you ever tried to offer your brain something fresh, new and positive in order for you to evolve?

If you choose to be honest with yourself, then your answer is probably no.

And, of course, there is no shame in that, because you surely aren’t the only one.

We need to point out the fact that we only use 10% of our brains.

And although this may be true, we scarcely consider to train our brain or to invest in something that can only make us evolve.

For one thing, scientists have promoted the idea that our brains cannot be changed, that we have to settle with what we received at birth!

On the positive side, this hypothesis is no longer a valid one!

Increase Your Brain Power

This is where we introduce the theory of Neuroplasticity!

This theory has specifically proven the fact that the brain can change and expand!

Moreover, it sustains the fact that with the help of training, one can change the parts of the brain that are less intelligent than others!

What this actually means is that our brain is compared to a muscle.

Exercise those brain areas regularly and they will evolve!

Another key point that will preserve you attention is the fact that your brain capacity can increase, regardless your wealth or fortune.

All your brain needs is a little of your time and effort to regularly train, and think about the huge investment you are making for yourself.

With attention to these ideas, what can you actually do for you and your brain?

Read and then train with these 10 simple ways to increase your brain power and enhance your intelligence:

  1. Always try something new

This is the perfect way to stimulate your brain and to avoid that routine and those old patterns.

New experiences create new neural pathways and increase your intelligence.

Start by changing you route to work, by cooking a new recipe or even by changing your daily exercise routine!

It is easy and also useful for your brain.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

There are many studies that have proven that physical training is just as important to your brain power as mental exercises.

Physical training enhances neurogenesis, meaning more and more new brain cells.

Thus, start planning a daily training routine, for your body and also for your brain!

  1. Train your memory

Train your memory

Have you ever thought how easy it could be to boost your memory power?

If you are among those who wish for a better memory, then simply start exercising it, by memorizing phone numbers, or other important numbers, like your credit card, insurance or driving license numbers.

  1. Be curious

Another powerful tool to increase your brain power is to start questioning everyday facts, services, problems that you come into contact with.

Instead of taking everything for granted, force your brain to create new and innovative ideas.

People’s curiosity is what created the world in which we live now.

Take computers for example!

  1. Think positive


The daily stress and anxiety that we are forced to deal with on a daily basis actually kills brain neurons and stops new ones from being created.

Thus, make an effort to think positive, to keep negative thoughts under control and consequently to speed up the creation of new cells!

  1. Choose a healthy diet plan

It is equally important to feed our brains adequately.

Due to the fact that our brains consume more that 20% of all nutrients and oxygen that we consume, it is vital to have a proper diet, consisting in fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and OMEGA 3 oils!

  1. Read a book

Consider the fact that reading is a form of escapism.

This relieves us from the tension and stress that affects brain-cells.

Also, reading is an amazingly pleasant manner to trigger our imagination and to train our brains, simply because you have to picture what we imagine!

  1. Get enough sleep

This is the best mini detoxification therapy you can offer your brain!

This is the time when the body regenerates cells and removes the toxins build up during the day.

Also remember that the most effective hours of sleep are between 9 PM and midnight! You should take advantage of them!

  1. Use the map instead of the GPS

An important advice for those who wish to exercise the part of brain related to understanding spatial relationships!

Use a map to navigate, instead of the GPS. Although our lives may be easier now, our brains are getting lazier!

  1. Ban the calculator


Do you remember when you used to do calculations using your brain instead of a computer or smartphone?

Remember what you learned in school and try calculating simple equations, such as sums, using only the best device you were born with: your brain!

If you want to truly unlock your brain’s potential then we have something that can do just that.

And that is This


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