Get In the Zone How to Improve Concentration and Mental Clarity

How to Improve Concentration and Mental Clarity

The human mind has a single most effective weapon used by nearly all successful people you have ever heard of; the power to fully focus on one thing for long periods of time.

Most of us have a problem of poor concentration and we are easily distracted at one point or the other. Just as a magnifying glass has the ability to focus light on one spot, we can concentrate on one thing and the end result will always be accomplished.

In this article I will explain the simple tricks we can use to attain full concentration subsequently achieving our desired goals.

First, you need to overcome distractions. Being distracted is not bad and sometimes we are distracted for a good cause.

However, if we decide to focus our minds on a certain goal we should not be ready to lose that concentration by distractions that will always be there.

For instance, in the early life people were fully aware of the wild animals and this kept them from being fed on.

But they had minimal destructions like Twitter, text messages, calls and the many ads we see on the web, all seeking our attention.

Multi-tasking – Yay or Nay?

One of the worst mistakes you can make while concentrating is to multitask.

Multitasking is not as we perceive it to be; doing many things at once. It is actually toggling the brain back and forth between several tasks in a short period.

Unconsciously, the brain can do such tasks for example when you talk while walking or when eating while watching a movie.

Going beyond this and forcing your brain perform other activities will reduce the efficiency of one task for another.

Research has shown that multitasking may lead to brain aging, usually associated with lack of mindfulness in the present.

 Improve Concentration by Getting Rid of Clutter

You need to get rid of clutter as soon as they pile up. Our ability to concentrate and focus on one thing is affected by clutter and the environment we are in. Brain MRIs have shown this effect of clutter in processing information.

 Improve Concentration

Having an organized environment can increase productivity and you will find it easy remembering things. It can also improve your moods. Apart from clutter, you need to find a perfect sound environment.

Such an environment will depend on how well you can concentrate. Some people prefer total silence while others concentrate better with a bit of background noise.

Classical music is often branded as the best brain-enhancing music.

Institutions like Johns Hopkins School of Education have come up with a list of the best music to boost concentration and memory.

Improve Concentration Through The Foods you Eat

If you can’t concentrate in class, at work or when having long meetings it is possible that you are not feeding your brain with the right nutrition.

To ensure your brain is getting the right foods, keep the following points in mind. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

They have antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients that your brain needs. Feel free to use a wide variety of nutrients in your foods as they are healthy for the brain.

Classic examples include turmeric and rosemary.

Your brain cells need constant supply of blood glucose since they do not store energy.

Include glucose in your diet but you should watch out for white sugar and refined carbs due to their association with high blood sugar levels.

Eat plenty of high-fat foods like avocados and nuts to boost brain growth.

How to Improve Concentration and Mental Clarity

Concentration in the brain is stimulated by small chemicals called neurotransmitters, in particular dopamine.

Low dopamine levels results in lack of motivation, low energy and libido. Stimulators like caffeine, sugar or chocolates will get you going whenever you feel low.

Protein-rich foods are also great sources of amino acids that generate dopamine. Another great way of increasing concentration is through meditation.

Regular meditation will always keep you positive and happy regardless of the stress and ups and downs of life.

Over 1,000 studies have shown that meditation helps improve concentration, creativity, better sleep and stress reduction.


Although meditation can take a longer time to produce effects, it is always the best when it comes to results and that is why over 20 million Americans meditate on a regular basis.

Finally, another simple trick of increasing concentration is by simply chewing gum! It eases the flow of oxygen in the brain boosting accuracy rates as well as reaction times.

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