Help a Failing Mind

New York – Most people assume that their loved ones are going to stick around forever.

My mother is in her 70s, physically fit and very active. She is skinny and always running around, doing stuff around the house. Unfortunately, her mind is failing more and more.

She forgets and confuses things, asks the same thing three times in ten minutes.

She eats meat, dairy, drinks coffee, doesn’t smoke, and thinks it is cool to eat processed chemical stuff due to the times she is from.

Exercise and diet are the most important things…. Drinking water etc…but it is very hard to tell an older person what to eat in my experience.

Watching her brain decline in performance, causing her to rapidly lose memory and focus is heartbreaking.

Trying to help fuel her brain with the all natural ingredients is the obvious answer but she doesn’t want to listen.

I Should have seen it coming

The brain begins to lose sharpness of memory from as early as 30. Common foods we eat every day can deplete our brain capabilities.

Despite knowing this, I just went on thinking she would always be the same. But now she’s losing her mind and I am unable to help.

I feel weak and helpless… unable to protect my parents when they needed me the most. It is the worst feeling of my life.”

I’ve decided I owe it to them to do what I can for now, and to also protect my wife and I so we are in the best shape possible for as long as possible for our children.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Family & Yourself? It would be irresponsible as a loving family member not to do something

Protect Your Loved One Now




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