Hardworking as you are in the gym, your efforts can all go to waste if you don’t eat the right kinds of food. A diet infused with the ideal food choices won’t just give you much needed energy, but fuels your muscles, boosts cardiovascular health, burns fat fast and aid in weight loss. Incorporate these amazing 9 fitness power foods before and after doing your routine workouts and you’re bound to see your desired results a lot sooner than expected.


Best for: Muscle recovery


It has been discovered by Brazilian scientists that those who consumed 3 cups of green tea daily for one week exhibited fewer markers of cell damage due to the resistance to exercise. A few cups every day can help your body’s muscles recover faster after performing a vigorous workout.


Best for: Anti-Aging


Do you know that Alzheimer’s disease is extremely low (nearly 4.4 times) amongst Indian Asians, when compared against the rest of the world? This can be attributed to the presence of turmeric in their diet. Scientifically, curcumin clears amyloid plaques that can increase the rate at which the Alzheimer’s disease spreads in the body. The nutrient uses its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Best for: Eyesight


Mangoes are rich in vitamin A. This is an essential nutrient for bone growth and healthy eye sight. A diet with ample amounts of vitamin A will keep you fit the entire day. To be more specific, the body requires 35% of vitamin A in its daily diet. And, a single serving of mangoes can provide 1800 IU of vitamin A.


Best for: Muscle recovery


Spinach can be regarded as muscle fuel, not only with the fact that it can dramatically transform your body into lean and sexy, but for many reliable reasons. Researchers from the Rutgers University revealed that a compound found in the leafy green enhances protein synthesis by an astounding 120% which renders speedy muscle recovery after working out. The problem is, you may really need to eat Popeye’s huge serving to gain almost instant results!

However, this can mean taking in about 2 pounds of these iron-packed veggies every day. The good news is that it is not the only choice when talking about foods that can significantly help you lose weight and feel great inside and out, even while you are not engaged in exercise.


Best for: Muscle recovery


Whether papaya or pineapple, these tropical fruits both posses bromelain and papain. These are enzymes which aid in breaking down proteins for digestion but also have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. This characteristic of these delicious treats can greatly help speed up your post workout recovery and in no time, you will be refreshed and invigorated.


Best for: Cardiovascular health


It has been found by Australian researchers that cyclists who ate fish oil for eight weeks exhibited lowered heart rates and consumed a lesser amount of oxygen during intense workout in the form of bicycling compared to a control group. The fatty acids found in fish oil that’s required to be infused into the heart and muscle cells to yield desirable effects can be achieved through taking fish oil pills each day. Eating fish rich in fatty acids a couple of times a day can likewise yield similar results.


Best for: Trimming down the waist


Scientists at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario discovered that eating more protein can actually reduce the fat that lies around your midsection. Those who ate an added 20 g of protein daily compared to the average group exhibited 6 percent lower waist-to-hip ratios. Lean meats are indeed the perfect low-calorie protein source.


Best for: Relieving pain


Scientists at the University of Georgia found that taking a caffeine supplement equivalent to 2 cups of coffee post-exercise substantially reduces muscle soreness, even more than pain relievers can. The caffeine functions to block a chemical that triggers various pain receptors in the body.


Best for: Endurance


Cold water pre and post-exercise can dramatically boost your endurance, and may be the best way to directly reduce your core body temperature such that it takes you longer to heat up and slow down. A British study noted that cyclists who drank around 30 ounces of chilled drink half an hour before embarking in a humid environment, and consumed smaller amounts while they rode lasted 23% longer enjoying their ride compared to riders who drank other lukewarm liquids.

While nothing beats common sense when it comes to a healthy diet, we all need a helping hand in this crazy busy world we live in.

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